"Mike somehow knows how to make something go from being “ok, very nice” to “wow, amazing!”. That artistic sense is something you can’t learn or acquire through practice, but you can enjoy in anything Mike produces."

—I. Lamb - Iowa Food COOP

For product photography, I provide a range of options, whether it's in-studio or on-location. The importance of crisp, clean, and well-lit product images cannot be overstated. They serve as the crucial link between you and your potential customers, whether you're crafting a digital marketing campaign, designing a billboard, or updating your website. While iPhones have their place for social media posts, they simply can't compete with the color accuracy and high resolution of professionally lit studio images. These images truly showcase the depth and mood you want your product to convey.

In portrait photography, whether it's headshots, family sessions, or solo mini-shoots, there's something special about having an up-to-date image for your holiday card, social media profiles, or business documents. I exclusively use studio flash for all my portrait sessions. While many photographers opt for "natural" or available light, I've found that studio lighting offers unmatched detail, accurate color reproduction, and most importantly, versatility. With studio flash, we can achieve a range of looks from bright and fresh to dark and moody, regardless of the weather outside. Additionally, I love blending studio flash with outdoor sessions, combining the best of both worlds for maximum flexibility. In photography, control is key, and relying solely on natural light leaves you at the mercy of unpredictable weather conditions.

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