sPORTS+team photography

01 / 25

“This was our first year receiving professional photos for our team and it was the most amazing experience for us! We loved Mike's professionalism and the results of our photos were beautiful! We will be using them for future photo shoots!”

I have two teenage children and I understand that being present at every game, event, dance and school event is tough and that cell phone pictures are ok but never seem to fully capture the moment. I love capturing the moments and working with teams to best represent what they do in a unique, artistic and different way. Utilizing proper lighting techniques and acquiring high resolution images is just the beginning, the editing, printing and distribution of prints is the other half. I don't rely on traditional means for most of these processes and I don't think that just one formula works for all situations, teams and sports. I prefer to work with coaches, athletes and students to deliver the product they want and are proud of and is a direct reflection of all the hard work they have put in. This takes a little extra time and effort but its what I would want for my own kids and its great to be able to do it for others.

If you or your school are interested please reach out, I can work with individual athletes or entire athletic departments.